Desks / Meeting Tables

Office furniture systems and solutions, high standards and guarantees. Managerial and clerical offices, for individuals or groups, boardrooms,functional, ergonomic and with modern design.
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Swivel Chairs

In Tsaousoglou SA we believe that one of the most important investments for the workplace is the seat. It is a piece of equipment with which the user has direct and long interaction. The products we offer are designed to offer ergonomics and comfort to the user and are accompanied by many years of warranty.

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Storage/ Archiving

Archiving solutions for your business. Drawers and cabinets that have the ability to adapt to your needs.

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The reception furniture are the first contact of your business with your partners and reflect your image while serving the operational needs of the labor office.

Multipurpose furniture

Furniture which have different dynamics and serve many purposes at the same time for meetings, waiting rooms and seminars.
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