About Us


Since 1925 we have evolved from a small furniture workshop, to the largest furniture producer in Greece, to commercial furniture dealer. Although our company has transformed over the years, our passion for furniture remains constant. At the heart of our business our values also remain the same; honesty, integrity and professionalism.

This is our DNA.

We deliver exceptional services with high quality products to create unparalleled value for our customers.


Unlimited scope

We work with clients, architects, designers and construction companies to create offices, learning facilities, museums, hospitals, auditoriums, theaters, hotels and spaces where people live and interact.

Flexible and reliable

Our portfolio of partners numbers over 30 leading furniture brands, we complete and deliver projects planned and executed to the smallest detail on time and at the best price. Domestic and international.

Future proof

With technology, the workplace is changing at rapid pace. And so do we. We aim to constantly evolve and improve; bringing you the latest innovations, insights and trends for your workspace.

A Rich History

  1. 20's

    In 1925 Ioannis Tsaoussoglou founds a small furniture industry to cater to the needs of the local market in Thessaloniki. In the coming years as demand increases, production will move to Athens and the company will become the market reference.

  2. 50's

    In 1954 the sons of J. Tsaoussoglou establish the Greek Industry Metal Furniture (EBME) Tsaousoglou,. In a short time EBME became the leader in its field, supplying and equipping the country's largest public and private organizations. Projects include airports, stadiums, hospitals, convention centers, theaters, cinemas, hotels, etc., EBME collaborated with major European office furniture manufacturers, introducing foreign expertise to its production line.

  3. 60's

    It is Charalambos Tsaoussoglou vision for a modern production facility that drives EBME growth. A painting complex is added as well as a facility for laminating the metal furniture at the Pireos factory. Charalambos Tsaoussoglou expands operations to the hotel industry (Electra Hotels, Hilton Corfu), metal pipe manufacturing facility (Athens Pipe Works S.A.), wooden furniture industry (Neostrom – Harsons S.A.) and bed industry (Macedonian Bed Industry).

  4. 70's

    In the 1970’s along with the rise of the Greek economy EBME production intensifies. The company with its 600 strong personnel sets the trends in design for the Greek market and begins exporting to many countries abroad. At the same time EBME begins to import products of top European brands to complement its production. By now Tsaoussoglou enterprises employs in total nearly 2.000 employees.

  5. 80's

    Tsaoussoglou (EBME) has been established as the leader in the Greek furniture market with a market share exceeding 50%. Selected chair models by companies such as Sedus and Dauphin are introduced to the company’s portfolio. Tsaoussoglou becomes the first dealer of Vitra and Herman Miller in Greece.

  6. 90's

    EBME transitions from production facility to office furniture dealership. Tsaoussoglou S.A.  is established representing top European brands and introduces the concept of Total Office Solutions. Focus is shifted away from retail consumers and public sector to corporate clients and multinational companies. 

  7. 00's

    Tsaoussoglou S.A. is part of some of the biggest projects of the beginning of the millennia and equipping the buildings of Eurobank, National Bank of Greece, Geniki Trapeza, National Insurance company and the majority of top performing maritime companies. A sector of the company that shows significant rise is amphitheater and cinema seating. Tsaoussoglou undertakes the supply and installation of Village cinemas (Marousi, Pagrati, Renti and Thessaloniki) as well as the Municipal Theater of Piraeus.

  8. 2018

    Established in the market for our professionalism and customer centric approach, we offer a full suite of services including specification, budgeting, interior design, procurement, supply and installation followed by solid after-sales services.

    Almost 100 years from our beginning we strive to offer products and services that allow individuals to reach their full potential.