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Business Furniture Expert

Representing top European furniture manufacturers, our team works with you to create workplace environments that meet your vision, your company's needs, budget and schedule. We have built trusting relationships with these manufacturers in order to offer the best commercial furniture products at the best prices, regardless of the size or complexity of your project.

Featured Products
Featured Products

A company with a tradition of setting new standards and redefining the workplace. With a history going back over 140 years and an unwavering commitment to ergonomics, production processes and ecology. Sedus is a brand that motivates people to perform at their peak potential. A global company that continually redefines the concept of aesthetic in office furniture and gives a new and timeless quality to the office environment. From common reception areas to the personal level, the Sedus offers furniture solutions for the entire enterprise guided by the rules of modern design.

Featured Products

Latest Projects

  • Soil Restaurant SOIL RESTAURANT 
  • L'OREAL Hellas HQ new offices New multipurpose spaces for L'oreal Hellas HQ
  • Sanofi new offices

    The new offices of Sanofi Pharmaceutical company

  • Halkidon Shipping Corporation | Pegasus Ocean Services INC. Tsaoussoglou S.A furnished the new offices of Halkidon Shipping Corporation
  • Gregory's Tsaoussoglou S.A designed and furnished the new headquarters of Gregory's in Athens


Our company STEALTH MARITIME CORP. SA has a long and successful collaboration with TSAOUSOGLOU SA, regarding the demanding needs of the supply and furnishing of our work place (desks, seating, cabinets, partitions, etc) with consistency and professionalism.

Director of Accounting and Human resources Panos Vafeias Stealth Maritime Corporation S.A.

Tsaousoglou S.A. provided a holistic support concerning not only the products but also services, creating a modern, functional and efficient working environment.

President Athanasios Papathanasiou Frank & Fame

The quality-pricing function of the products as well as the professionalism and know-how of Tsaoussoglou personnel were exemplary and helped us create a modern, functional and efficient work environment.

Technical Manager Yiannis Kolias Grivalia Properties